Missing You

Missing You

I saw the sunrise
And its beauty touched my soul
And of course…I thought of you
You’ve been on my mind so much lately
I miss you…I need you

The warm summers breeze
Whispered through the rippling leaves
And spoke to my heart
And of course…I thought of you
You’ve been gone for so long now
I miss you…I need you

The sunset was truly awe inspiring
The night sky slowly filled with stars
The stars remind me of your eyes
Of course…I thought of you
I wish you were here
I miss you…I need you

We were together for only a short time
God needed you more then I
But still…I lost such a precious part of me
My love, my heart, my world
I know, someday, we’ll see each other again
Until then…I’ll miss you
Forever and for always

by Ghoster B

About ghosterb

I live in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night.
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16 Responses to Missing You

  1. …and here’s were I am lost….poetry, so beautifully written. Now that’s talent!

    Missing you is so beautiful, but so sad. Thank you for that.

  2. Ann LeFlore says:

    So lovely and yet so sad. We all miss someone is our life. Happy Gooseberry day

  3. Morning says:

    moving words.

    well done,

  4. thingy says:

    Heartbreaking. Such beauty in such sadness.

  5. touching, when in time we live, we only wish for the beloved to be near and all will be even better 🙂
    Happy gooseberry day!


  6. moving, bless all.

    thanks for sharing….

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