She stalks regally down the hall
Moving smoothly and lithely
Her puffed up tail swishing back and forth
Her aristocratic gaze, surveying her domain
Making sure that everything is as she left it
Her eyes light up
As she espies her newly filled food dish
“I have my humans trained well” she thinks
As she very primly starts to eat

Suddenly a intruder slides wildly through the door
It’s that pesky, brown, clumsy, fur ball of a dog
“Maybe her humans aren’t trained well enough”
She thinks, “Because that pest is still around”
A menacing, ferocious, growl erupts from her lips
Letting the intruder know that he is not welcomed
In the Queens presence as she dines
So he had better get lost if he knew what is best for him
She smiles an evil little smile
As he high-tails it out the door
“Fierce is my middle name” she thinks
As she struts her regal stuff back down the hallway
“Life is good” her contented purr seems to convey
As she resumes her royal tour of her domain
All hail the Queen!

©2011 by Ghoster B


About ghosterb

I live in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night.
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4 Responses to Queeny

  1. This post made me smile. 🙂 Cats are all so regal.

  2. I’m not even a cat person and I loved this! Sweetly done!

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