Illusions Lost

Illusions lost

take time to reflect,
on things as they are now,
and on things that need to get done somehow.
Maybe you’ll find a you that never was,
or maybe a you that was never meant to be.
A myriad of things to do and to solve,
You better be able to keep your resolve.

Pause in deep reflection,
to make sure there’s no self-deception.
The mind is always full of things to do,
and things for you to work on through.
You seem to think the structure of time
can be so sublime.
So to stay on top you never stop.
Just forge ahead, don’t be misled.

Now I say
think of how time flies by.
Oh how the years have passed by.
Why even you my friend were never meant to last.
So many memories, patchy and fading fast.
Old father time will have his way,
illusions lost…as life ebbs away.

©2011 by Ghosterb


About ghosterb

I live in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night.
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18 Responses to Illusions Lost

  1. Olivia says:

    Very well expressed Bruce!
    I love writing about Life n love more to read about it- n here I have read one of the finest words woven together!
    Very up- lifting.. 🙂

    Love xox

  2. I often have trouble understanding poetry, it seems so complicated, but this poem, although not simple, is easy to understand and very well written in my opinion.
    I love to find others who are able to write beautifully but without making the message too hard to find.

    • ghosterb says:

      I try to write my poetry so that everyone can understand it. I agree with you that some poetry is really hard to understand. I want to thank you for the compliments and I want to also thank you for subscribing to my blog. I have already subscribed to yours. I love your poetry my new friend and plan to read more of it soon.

  3. Relating to the last stanza, I was just telling my wife how it’s a shame we have to get old before we can understand things. But then I said something about how we couldn’t know things unless we lived them–did them wrong, or right. You can’t learn how to live in a classroom, or from a book. I better stop; this comment is starting to sound like a poem!
    Wonderful wirte, my friend!

    • ghosterb says:

      You’re right my friend, I think the lessons you learn by living your life are just as important, and in many cases more important, than those you learn in school. Many of us have earned degrees, or in most cases are still working towards degrees from the college of hard knocks or the classroom of life. Thank you my friend for your wonderful comment!

  4. I guess we need not to know everything.

    beautiful insights.

  5. Beauty and wisdom, two treasures in a gem of a poem

  6. You are right time is passing us by fast. Is it not strange that when we were young and first had children it seemed like the years were so much longer. Especially if you had a goal to make and gave yourself 2 years to do it in. Then when it was done seemed like it took too long or on the other hand it was too short and did not get done. Well anyhow you know what I mean this is a great write and thanks for sharing

  7. Andy says:

    Sometimes, I say we were born stupid and by the time we gain wisdom with maturity & age, it’s too late to go back and apply what we know.

    Powerful writing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Yesterday With You

  8. Abby Kelly says:

    Absolutely! This sentiment has been rumbling in my head a lot lately!

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