The Lady in White

This poem was inspired by my entry in Fiction-in-a-flash, Week 5, at is the link to my entry: )  My friend Trudi thought it might make a good poem and so I decided to try it and this is what I came up with. I’m not sure if this was what she expected but…it was fun to write. Hopefully you will think it’s a pretty fun read.

The Lady in White

It was a blistering, hot, August day
Making the guests swoon and sway
Except for the lady in white
She was definitely a beautiful site
Standing cool, calm and collected
Not a bead of sweat could be detected
She was a dream come true
Seeing her it was impossible for him to stay blue

You see, the woman he loved was getting married
To some guy who always looked busy and harried
What she saw in him he didn’t know
But after he glimpsed the lady in white time began to slow
No she wasn’t the bride
But her beauty you just couldn’t hide
She made the bride look like a wilted flower
Or maybe a cat that was caught in a shower
Beneath the lady in whites hat there came a smile
That only accentuated her class and style
He thought, “Could it be, she’s looking at me”
A smile crossed his lips as it truly seemed to be

As the wedding droned on
On him her eyes were upon
How privileged he felt to have her attention
But if  his thoughts were read they would get him detention
as the wedding ended she started his way
Wow he thought, what a beautiful day
But then… he smelled coffee coming from his cup
Darn! it was only a dream, he thought as he woke up!

By Bruce Hoch


About ghosterb

I live in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night.
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10 Responses to The Lady in White

  1. Enjoyed you your Lady in White poem very much. Nicely done …

  2. ghosterb says:

    Thank you my friend!

  3. Morning says:

    wake up from day dreaming, wow.
    enjoyed your story line.

    funny indeed.

  4. smiles, you rocked on this piece.
    keep your humor gene live and cool.

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