The Journey

The Journey

Life is a journey through many a terrain
From gardens of pleasure to deserts of pain
From oceans of love to jungles of hate
From mountains of glory to canyons of fate
There’s a highway for joy and a highway for sorrow
A Road for today and a road for tomorrow
So choose your path wisely and please walk it with care
If you follow your heart, you’ll find your way there

You see…I’ve been to the gardens and planted seeds there
I’ve been to the desert and felt the despair
I’ve swam in the ocean of love and drank of its wine
And of most of life’s pleasures I truly did dine
I’ve climbed life’s mountains to touch the sky
And I’ve been in the canyons where I started to cry
I’ve been in life’s jungles and felt the worlds hate
But I’ve never been one to believe in fate

My Path has been twisted, wide spread and long
But to me it’s been a truly beautiful, sweet song
I’ve followed My heart and there’s not much time to spare
Tell them in heaven Lord, that soon I’ll be there!

By Ghosterb


About ghosterb

I live in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night.
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6 Responses to The Journey

  1. NOW I can comment. I love WordPress – the threaded comments, the easy subscription, all of it. And I truly enjoyed your poem. I’m one of those people that enjoys rhyming poetry, the way the words flow so easily. Thank you for giving me the link my friend.

    • ghosterb says:

      You’re welcome Kate! I was meaning to tell you I was here when I first became a member but I got sidetracked and forgot. As for the poem…I agree with you my friend. I love the way rhyming poetry flows as well. I don’t write a lot of them for some reason…I’m not sure why, because I do like them. But it seems most of mine are kind of freestyle prose…though they all have a certain rhythm to them. Thank you for the comment Kate.

  2. carmenlezeth says:

    That’s a beautifully written piece. I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but like Kate, I do love the rhythm of it all — the song-like story, the playfulness, the meaning of it all. That was perfect to read before going to bed — Gracias!


  3. Well done and – apparently – well live. Poem on …

    Best wishes for the New Year.

  4. ghosterb says:

    Thankyou Jamie for the wonderful comment!

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