The Well


The Well
A deep,dark,lonely well
Time seemingly standing still
Deep waters held within
Filled with wishes desperately hoped for
With many a secret untold
Secrets…you maybe somehow be able to guess
From the faint,bitter taste of salt
From whence tears did fall

A well can run shallow
soon to be dry
When the dark,hidden rivers fail
and the rain passes by

Oh the darkest well of my silent soul
My sorrow it dost hold
Of which none will never know
A deep,dark,lonely well…
My hurt
Silent soul

By Bruce

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Far Away

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Far Away
You’re so far away
All I have are memories of you
I sit here,watching the ocean
Imagining the waves
Longing to reach the far off shores
Trying to getever closer to you
I look out over the fields
And I see dew kissed flowers
They remind me of the feel
Of your soft lips on mine
The cool fall breeze
Riffles the colorful leaves on the trees
And all I can think of
Are your fingerslovingly caressing my face
As the sunbreaks out from behind the gray clouds
It reminds me of your bright, sweet, beautiful smile
Brightening my day
As I’m sure you can see
That the world in all its glory…
Reminds me of you
Because youare my world
And my worldwithout you
Is a lonely world
Awww BabeI miss you

By Bruce

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